Below links to some of my video footage shot for Agence France-Presse, often though not always, from Amsterdam. AFP is one of the world's most important news agencies providing coverage of breaking news worldwide to clients such as CNN and the BBC from its network across 151 countries.

A summary of some of my video news footage shot in 2023 | AFP

Verfmolen De Kat, the only windmill in the world grinding pigments to make artists’ paints | AFP

Below screenshots linking to some recent video news footage

Thousands of Dutch swimmers brave the icy North Sea at Scheveningen near The Hague at the annual Nieuwjaarsduik | AFP 1/1/2024

Timmermans supporters react to Dutch vote exit poll second place for the Groenlinks/PvdA alliance | AFP - 22/11/2023

Dilan Yesilgoz, successor to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutteeader as the leader of the centre-right VVD party casts her vote in the Netherlands | AFP 22/11/2023

Patients talk of panic after Rotterdam shooting | AFP 28/09/2023

Amsterdam Pride | AFP 5/8/2023

The freighter Fremantle Highway is towed into Eemshaven having been on fire for days with a cargo of cars threatening the fragile eco-system of the Wadden Sea | AFP 3/8/2023

Passengers react to Amsterdam's decision to ban cruise ships from the city | AFP 27/7/2023

City workers clear the debris after Storm Poly hit Amsterdam this morning, causing major disruption and closing public transport and highways | AFP 5/7/2023

King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander issued his official apology on Saturday for the involvement of his country and his dynasty in slavery - my footage from 01:27. | AFP 2/7/2023

1500 arrested as Extinction Rebellion further blockade the A12 in the Hague | AFP 29/5/2023

Metallica launch their M27 world tour in Amsterdam | AFP 28/4/2023

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and Brigitte Macron visit the Anne Frank House | AFP 13/4/2023

Australian meat cultivation company has created a meatball using DNA from the extinct woolly mammoth | AFP 30/3/2023

Amsterdam Sex Workers protest against red-light district closures | AFP 30/3/2023

Amsterdam launches campaign to keep rowdy Brits out - my footage from 00:17 | AFP 30/3/2023

Extinction Rebellion Hague A12 blockade | AFP 29/1/2023

National tulip day in Amsterdam - my footage on BBC clip from 00:46 | AFP 30/1/2023

Nieuwjaarsduik, Scheveningen | AFP 01/1/2023

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